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Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence like Machine Learning is similar to human learning - a journey from childhood to adulthood through a series of mistakes and experiences. Machine Learning has created quite a buzz and the hype is real

As enterprises gradually embrace IoT, machine learning, and digital transformation initiatives, IT is moving up the value chain from a support function to become a "make it happen" boardroom player. The advent of digital technologies like IoT and the constant need for agility and scalability has pushed IT from being the back-end, siloed enabler it was a decade ago - to a primary business platform and a competitive differentiator.



Whether you're pursuing enterprise-wide initiatives or implementing smaller business analytics programs, Canopy One can help you achieve with smarter outcomes. Our analytics services, solutions, and capabilities are delivered by data scientists and business analytics specialists already firmly grounded in your industry. This is where the science of analytics becomes a reality in your business.

Some of our strategy offerings include :

Analytics strategy and business case : Align analytics vision, investment, and performance in a business case focusing on ways to embed analytics across the enterprise and empower decision makers with better information to improve performance.

Operating model: Integrate analytics across the enterprise, including talent, process, data & technology.


Artificial Intelligence

The data and analytics market is shifting from discrete products to unified, cloud-based services that support cognitive businesses. Our mission is to help organizations augment and accelerate their data-driven problem-solving capabilities. Canopy One delivers tangible insights in the functional domains of Sales and Marketing, Finance and Operations and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We help you integrate your structured and unstructured data into a unified platform that gives you access to actionable insights.


Data Science

Transform your data into tangible business value with the latest, most flexible and open technology. Bring your analytics to the data behind your firewall, and easily incorporate cloud application data and sources.