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Infrastructure Services

Canopy One-EIDEA

Infrastructure management is an integral part of every business. Canopy One has been consistently delivering these infrastructure management services to its clients. We come well prepared with a team that can suitably handle such management services. The group consists of engineers who are trained in the specific category of work backed with 20+ years of experience in this field. These services are delivered with the help of ITIL and agile foundation best practices for all our clients.

What are the infrastructure management services offered by Canopy One? Here is a list.

Enterprise solutions design and implementation

Canopy One takes up the responsibility to carry out all kinds of cloud infrastructure and other enterprise solutions designing, architecture and implementation. These are carried out following strict process methodologies. This is done by forming an idea of the detailed service requirement or functional requirement and then using our best resources to work out the optimum solution. The most advanced and suitable technology is used for this purpose.

Canopy One has also established itself in the field of Cloud SaaS and PaaS with consolidation services. This revolves around transforming a business from using physical and conventional hardware devices to taking all their operations on the online platform with cloud technology. This can be done by implementing virtualization solutions such that in the IT environment, the hardware can be replaced by PaaS or SaaS products. This promotes a more efficient storage option and smoother operation.

Here is a list of the technological requirements:

  • Windows-based server solution.
  • Cloud infrastructure like Azure, SaaS or PaaS.
  • Databases like Big Data and Relational Databases.
  • Storage management systems.
  • Business process continuity and disaster recovery solutions.
IT Service Management

IT Service Management revolves around taking up an operational approach to managing the IT services in the company while keeping in mind the interest of the customers. How do we, at Canopy One, feature in the picture? We provide a number of such IT management services starting from designing, operating to controlling IT services. This is done by getting the right combination of manpower, operational processes, and suitable information technology resources. Our services include change management, problem management, incident and release management.

We also assist in the development of a helpdesk in the IT service management sector in order to form a single point of contact between the IT services provider and the end user.

Technological requirements:

ServiceNow, Jira, Chef, Puppet.

Enterprise security management

We at Canopy One provide services towards enterprise security management solutions. This is done by conducting thorough audits of the controls of the organization, assessing and testing them according to the set standards. This gap analysis operation in the company helps identify areas of risk and vulnerabilities in applications,network & firewalls. This process is backed by appropriate application security management services. All of these services are offered in order to ensure that the right processes, people, resources, and technology are working together such that the company meets the goals.

Technological requirements: IBM App Scanner, Nessus scanner, etc.

Hardware and software

At Canopy One, we also extend our services to hardware and software management, applications and systems management.

We have partnered with many different vendors in this field to offer these services like Microsoft,SAP,Oracle,Informatica etc.

There are three major services offered in collaboration with Microsoft.

Firstly, we provide SPLA licensing services for all clients engaging with Microsoft products.

Apart from that, there are other licensing services carried out as well.

Lastly, we provide Azure and Office 365 implementation and integration services to our clients using the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft.