Our Team

Dr. Gopal Bethi
President and Founder
Dr. Gopal Bethi is the Founder and President of Canopy One Solutions, Inc. His 25+ years’ experience in diverse technology environments combined with his servant-leadership philosophy have been instrumental in growing the company exponentially since its inception in 2009. Gopal leads a team of seasoned industry leaders with vast experience in IT business and innovation. His mission is to grow and diversify Canopy One Solutions to meet the industry’s most pressing needs. Prior to starting the company, Dr. Bethi had a long and distinguished career as the COO & Co-founder of S2 Technical Strategies, a software consulting and technology company specializing in data warehousing, business intelligence, and identity management. He has also held various IT and management roles at AOL, Sprint Nextel, GEICO, Equant, and Global One. Dr. Gopal Bethi earned his doctorate and master’s degrees in Soil Chemistry from Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University in Hyderapad, AP, India.

Ramana Mullapudi
EVP & Head of Strategy

Ramana Mullapudi As an Executive Vice President, Ramana spearheads Customer Relationships, Service Delivery, Business Development and Strategy execution. Ramana has been in the Systems Integration, IT Outsourcing and Product Implementation industries for over 20+ years, having worked at World Leading Global Implementation Partner. Ramana served as a Client Partner for large telecom relationships across US and Europe – accountable for establishing the large MSO segment under the CME United States business unit. At ACI and Kabbage, Ramana served as Global Vice President and Head of Implementations for software product organizations for more than 2 years before joining Canopy One Solutions as a partner and EVP. Ramana’s vast experience in building strategic relationships and leading high-performing business development and account management teams makes him a key piece in Canopy One’s plan to pioneer services for the digital revolution and next generation technologies.

Ms. Dawn Reames
Director of Human Resources & Finance
Ms. Dawn Reames started with Canopy One Solutions soon after its inception. Her rich professional experience has been instrumental in building the required infrastructure and processes that harness the exceptional growth of Canopy One Solutions. Currently, Ms. Dawn Reames oversees all aspects of Human Resources, Finance, and Compliance. In her off time, Ms. Reames enjoys spending time with her family.

Kiran Thuraga
Managing Director
Kiran Thuraga As a Operations Director, Kiran leads the operations and oversee the off shore delivery center to create a culture of success since its start in India. Serving as a close member of the leadership team, Kiran supports and promotes collaboration across the organization while modeling, cultivating and nurturing the commitment to our company vision, mission and core values. Prior to joining Canopy One, Kiran worked on all phases of software programming, design, testing, documentation, integration and project management for AT&T, Capital One. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics & Instrumentation.