Abdul Razack Shaik

Head of HR & Finance

As the Head of HR & Finance at Canopy one IT solutions, India . Abdul Razack Shaik brings over a decade of versatile expertise in both human resources and financial management. With a comprehensive understanding of these crucial domains, Abdul plays a pivotal role in steering our company towards sustainable growth and organizational excellence.

In his capacity as Head of HR, Abdul demonstrates a deep commitment to nurturing our most valuable asset: our people. He spearheads initiatives to attract top talent, foster employee development, and cultivate a positive workplace culture. With a focus on employee engagement and well-being, Abdul ensures that our team remains motivated and fulfilled in their roles.

Simultaneously, as the leader of our Finance function, Abdul brings a strategic mindset and keen financial acumen to the table. He oversees all aspects of financial planning, budgeting, and analysis, driving sound financial decision-making that supports our company's long-term objectives. Abdul is dedicated to optimizing our financial processes and resources, ensuring efficiency and compliance while maximizing profitability.