Canopy One Consulting Services

At Canopy One Solutions, we provide consulting services, enterprise solutions, digital solutions, and IT services to a vast client base across the major business and industrial sectors.

Consulting For Business Agility Transformation


Our comprehensive consulting services can be tailored to suit your requirements. We offer a wide range of services that can bring operational transformation to your company. Benefits include:

Our consulting method leverages various management models like Agile, Design Thinking, Lean, Systems Thinking to find the right solutions for clients

Agile, Lean and Change Management

We provide clients several training courses used to familiarize them with Agile and Lean frameworks and Systems Thinking. To ensure we are providing clients the maximum value possible, we tailor training programs to their specific needs. This keeps your company prepared to deal with changing business requirements at every level. Starting from portfolio and program management to enterprise transformation tools, we cover it all.

Features of the course:


Agile Transformation Skills & Talent Sourcing

We provide recruitment services for client's Agile transformation process. We ensure that clients benefit from the best talent in their given industry. First, we train the talent to make sure they are optimally prepared for their position. Then, we provide special mentoring sessions to prepare the talent to perform optimally in the specific partner organization. This method ensures clients benefit from the best talent in their industry. Positions at Canopy One responsible for coaching and mentoring the talent includes Agile coaches (including the Agile technical coaches), ScrumMasters, Project Managers and Owners, business analysts, DevOps engineers and the like.

Digital Transformation Consulting Services


Canopy One Digital Technology and Transformation Consulting Services develop different business models, innovative products and create market strategies. We help our clients cater to their customers using these business models and ideas.

We have a team of consultants who are experienced in data and analytical science, design thinking, cognitive computing, and machine learning. Leveraging our expertise in these domains, we help our clients drive business and increase efficiency across the enterprise. We work in collaboration with our clients to produce the most valuable products and marketing strategies.

Project and Program Management Consulting Services

Playing a key role in the Program Management and Consulting Services processes, our Project Managers execute project timelines, identify potential issue areas, manage budgets, coordinate teams, handle communications, update progress and resolve conflicts.

At Canopy One Solutions, we have a unique take on project management. We keep laser focus on cost, time and quality to bring out the best results. We rely on a vast library of best practices derived from experience and efficient program management projects. Using change management principles, we get you the required results.

Broadly speaking, we operate in three different areas of work as part of project and program management consulting services:

Our team of consultants takes pride in being Certified Project Managers. We combine three aspects to bring the best to your business. Our consultants are skilled in their fields and possess the right knowledge to handle the job. They come backed with years of practical experience and proven track records of positive results. Lastly, our consultants are personable and understand people. This helps them foster a congenial team atmosphere during the project lifecycle

Efficient project management is one of the critical components to building a productive team. It requires a balance of responsibilities, technologies and best practices to run the project and adjust as needed. At Canopy One, we strategize the best possible methods for any project based on the client's requirements and execute to obtain the desired results

Project Insight, governance and portfolio management are essential components of seeing the entire project through. These three factors are required to ensure that the goals of the project are compliant with the main principles of the organization. One aspect of this would be the rightful transfer of information. If a company is backed by a group of stakeholders, they need to be informed of all the decisions made.

This timely transfer of information is taken up by Canopy One's program and portfolio management solutions. Existing project/portfolio management tools are utilized and improvements are made as the project is evaluated. From start to finish, all key stakeholders are empowered to make sure the project is completed to the client's highest satisfaction.

BI and Process Management Consulting Services

Data and analytics increasingly form an important part of the decision making process for businesses large and small. With the help of our BI consulting services, we provide you with reliable analytical information that will help clients make more informed decisions by converting raw data into actionable pieces of business information.

We focus on three aspects to deliver business intelligence consulting services. We concentrate on our client's needs and requirements. This gives us an idea of the scope of work required and how we can help them in the process. Secondly, we use BI solutions to create the basic infrastructure of a possible business solution by using data and converting it into useful information. Lastly, we implement the BI solution. Our work does not end there. We then focus on supporting the entire implementation and maintaining it with the required facilities.

BI consulting services from Canopy One Solutions are based entirely on the use and interpretation of data. The whole idea is to make data or information usable. We gather and collate data from different sources. Then we organize the data in order to make it more usable. For best results, this is done in a virtual data warehouse.

Similarly, OLAP cubes are created for the collated data and with the help of data visualization, the information is interpreted so it's usable for the client.

Our consultants working in the BI consulting services teams are skilled and experienced in different layers of technical expertise. For instance, at the data warehouse level, the focus is on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, Cloudera and the likes. Considering the data integration layer, our consultants are trained in Microsoft SQL Analysis Services, Oracle along with Muelsoft and MicroStrategy. Lastly, for data analytics and visualization, the main points of focus are Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Sisence, and Oracle.